Expo 2020 - Dubai, UAE
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Grandstream has released new generation of DECT cordless IP phones. These new high-end DECT solutions offer a long-range mobility solution with extraordinary sound quality that is ideal for any business, warehouse, retail store, or residential environment. New generation has the DP752 as a base station and DP730 and DP722 as IP handsets ...

Sangoma Technologies, a trusted leader in delivering Unified Communications solutions, has announced that it was selected as the Tech Stock of the Year for TSXV companies by Cantech.

2018 was a very important year for Sangoma with different achievement and acquisitions. So they could make big changes in this company history...

Sangoma has released the new member of IP-PBX products, FreePBX/PBXact 1200. FreePBX 1200 and PBXact 1200 are different in number of users and concurrent calls in comparison to FreePBX 1000 and PBXact 1000. This model supports up to 1200 users and can handle up to 350 concurrent calls.

The new models are ready for shipment and you can put the order with same price as FreePBX 1000 and PBXact 1000 ...

Recently, Akuvox’s has released Vfone, a softphone designed specifically for intercom by drawing on Akuvox’s 14+ years’ experience in SIP. This softphone is new version of VBell softphone with new design. Akuvox also added push notification capability to this version so you won’t miss any call. Vfone is free to download on both App Store and Google Play.

Speed Advance Elect. Invites You to Intersec 2019, Dubai, UAE

We are excited to announce that our partner Akuvox, as a leading innovator of smart intercom and IP phone will be your host in intersec 2019 exhibition in Dubai.


Akuvox also has released the newest indoor monitor C317 in last days of 2018 that you can get to know more about it in exhibition.

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